vendredi 31 août 2018

Séverin Millet's sculptures in the Mercurart garden

Séverin MILLET's sculptures made for the Fubon Bank Foundation in Taipei will be part of the French plastic production on the occasion of "Nuit Blanche 2018" in the capital of Taiwan.
An opportunity to revisit his "Témoins" (witnesses) that we've installed in the garden last year. Their environment has changed thanks to many developments.

Enjoy !

mardi 3 avril 2018

A surprising visit at the Mercurart garden

Ain't this special, the temperatures are  below the seasonal norms and yet a small walk in the Mercurart garden gave us a nice surprise...

A Day Peacock was foraging one of our pink rosemary.
Two enchantments on the same photograph !
Did you already planned your stay in the Ardèche and your visit at the Mercurart garden and gallery ?

lundi 8 janvier 2018

Gallery Mercurart wish you a happy 2018 !

Gallery Mercurart wish you a happy 2018 !

In 2018, we wish you good health and harmonious social relations
In 2018, we wish that our commitment in and for Culture, contribute the combat against the  withdrawal and the practice of power relations.
In 2018, we hope to see you or see you again at the Mercurart garden and gallery !

vendredi 15 septembre 2017

Volcanic sky @Mercurart

When you live in a country with sleeping volcanoes and the 14th of september, at the end of the morning, you get out of the office and find a sky looking like this... is it possible to don't have a moment of fear? ...

Still a surprising sky on this second picture but more reassuring !

jeudi 14 septembre 2017

Red-legged partridge @ Mercurart

Perdrix @ Mercurart

This morning, at dawn, one of the three red-legged partridges, which we often cross in the Mercurart garden, was placed on the mantelpiece and seems to look out for the two others by a unusual sound caused its loneliness... Where are they?

"Noah" Juice @Mercurart

We've started the realisation of juices of our vines. 
This morning we harvested 4,5 kg of the grape variety  "Noah", planted 5 years ago.

With its deep gold bunches and its strawberry, raspberry flavour, the juice is very tasty and don't need any treatment.