lundi 17 juillet 2017

Roses @ Mercurart

More than 90 % of the roses in the Mercurart garden are remontant (continuous flowering).
Which, despite the hot, dry conditions, gives beautiful blooming all summer.

St Cécilia the 6th of July 2017.                     Bouquet parfait the 6th of July 2017.

jeudi 13 juillet 2017

Great river Abitulon @ Mercurart

We took this photo in the Mercurart garden,
A bushy plant of the Malvaceae family, originate from Brazil. Abutilon mégapotamicum, the name of the species ( Méga – Great Potamicum – River), refers to the Amazon River.

The “great river” Abitulon can grow until 2 meters tall and spread as wide.

This plant is also known as "The Chinese Lantern Plant", we understand why, by seeing the flowers…

mercredi 12 juillet 2017

"Soumission" (Submission) transcription in steel @Mercurart

Soumission (Submission)
"In 1981, at the time of being fired by my employer, I expressed on canvas a sometimes complacent attitude of managers of companies towards their hierarchy. In 2016, I transcribed these obedient figures in steel and in a large size. The sculpture weighs about 500 kg. These last days we have installed three other pieces against the wall of the entrance to the Art gallery, in a position which anticipates that they are joining the first. »

Jean-Claude Millet

lundi 10 juillet 2017

A clever spider @The Mercurart Garden

We met an artist spider, already presented in the blog of July 5, 2017.

But we just found out that its also a forger.

"Cyclosa conica" has as characteristic of weaving a vertical strip more dense in the middle of his painting, a "stabilimentum", she adorns remains of plants and prey.

"In the middle of this line structure, the spider leaves an opening, where it will settle down. Then it also closes this strip of waste and shrink among the debris in the eyes of some potential predators. The spider take part of the rare species that transform their environment so that they can be camouflaged. "For most animals, the camouflage works in reverse: they are the ones who adapt themselves to the environment".

Source RTBF info.

Another reason to name the large sculptures of Séverin, “Les Témoins” (The Witnesses) lays in the fact that one of the two is positioned in the right direction to observe what has just been described.

mercredi 5 juillet 2017

Spider laying eggs on Sculpture "Le témoin bleu" (the blue witness) @ The Mercurart Garden

 The Spider is Oviparous, which means it lays eggs, the eggs are protected by spider silk ( yellow on the photo).
A small spider has installed itself on the back of one of the sculptures of Séverin Millet inaugurated in June.